Here in Central Florida we are known for having beautiful St. Augustine and Zoysia turf.  Nothing makes a home or commercial property’s “curb appeal” stand out more than a deep green stand of turf.  It is also well known that these turfgrasses have many issues that require ongoing attention for them to look their best.  We offer an array of services to address these issues and provide our clients with beautiful, healthy turf…

Our Turf Care Services Include:

Fertilization & Micronutrient Services

Our fertilization services are simply the best.  Our partnership with Harrell’s and the use of their POLYON controlled elease fertilizer, custom blended for our customers, in conjunction with their industry leading liquid fertilizers & micronutrients sets our services apart from the rest and comprehensively address the leading causes of distressed turf.

Weed Control Services

Both St. Augustine and Zoysia Turf are subject to several weed species, from broadleaf to grassy to sedge.  We take care of the weeds that do show up and make sure the turf is healthy enough to crowd out future occurrences.  Weed control is one of the most difficult aspects of proper turf care and we pride ourselves on our ability to prevent and eliminate weeds.

Fungus & Disease Control Services

Fungus and disease are also prevalent in Zoysia and St. Augustine  turf.  Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, and Pythium are just a few of the major players that can cause unsightly appearance or lasting damage.  We provide preventive and corrective applications to control many different types of fungus & disease.  Our use of Harrell’s specialty products enhances the turf’s natural defense to fungus & disease and improves the efficacy of traditional fungicides.

Insect Control Services

St. Augustine is subject to several turf damaging Insects, including chinch bugs, sod webworms & mole crickets.    Zoysia turf can be infested by army worms, grubs, sod webworms, mealy bugs & mole crickets.  The damage these pests cause can devastate your lawn.  Our service programs make sure these pests are prevented when possible and quickly eliminated when an infestation occurs.  In addition, our service programs provide control of nuisance insects like fleas & fire ants.

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